Aloe Vera & Rose Water Facial Toner

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Aloe Vera & Rose Water Facial Toner
Aloe Vera & Rose Water Facial Toner
Aloe Vera & Rose Water Facial Toner

Overview This  toner cleanse, purifies and soothes the skin, removes excess dirt and oil that clog pores, refreshes the skin, shrinks pores, fades dark spots, improves the complexion, reduces ingrown hairs, treats acne prone skin, soothes razor burns, shrinks pores, make-up  remover and natural skin astringent. Stimulates healing and skin regeneration, restores vitality and suppleness, soothes the skin, shrinks pores, and balances pH.

Ingredients: Rosewater Distillate (Lebanese), Orange Blossom Distillate (Neroli) , Witch Hazel w. Benzoic Acid and Distilled water. 

How to Use

  • Apply toner to a clean face; using a natural face wash 
  • Pour toner evenly on cotton pad
  • Use dampened cotton pad to evenly spread toner over face and neck
  • Let toner dry into skin before applying a treatment product or moisturizer

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